Corey Mead

Corey Mead – Fauna Ecologist

Corey is a fauna ecologist with over 15 years nationwide and international experience. He has provided field herpetological scouting for wildlife documentaries with extensive fauna experiences throughout Australia, Africa, and the Americas. Corey has worked with leading fauna experts such as Steve Irwin (Rattlesnakes), Malcolm Douglas (Crocodiles), Steve Phillips (Koalas), Gerry Swan (Reptiles), Dr Ross Goldingay (Gliders) and John Young (Owls). He has also participated in wildlife segments for television programs including Totally Wild and provides reptile training for zoo and government staff. Corey has developed a high degree of skill in fauna survey work and has a thorough knowledge of threatened fauna species ecology.

With the benefit of up-to-date resources and technical experience, Corey can provide an accurate and detailed fauna assessment in all types of ecological reporting through flora and fauna assessments, management planning and species impact statements. In his role of fauna ecologist, Corey undertakes fauna surveys for various sites often requiring target threatened species assessment. This position requires knowledge of fauna survey techniques such as bat trapping, active and passive monitoring of bats, bird call identification, frog call identification, reptile trapping, mammal trapping, spotlighting, radio-tracking, use of remote surveillance cameras and visual identification of all species known along the coastal habitats of NSW.


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Coastal Management) Southern Cross University Lismore (1994)
  • SGS Mine Site Induction Course for Rio Tinto / Coal & Allied (2011)
  • Hollows Course NSW ECA. Presenters: Rod Kavanagh & Brad Law (2010)
  • Anabat Techniques Training Titley Scientific Smiths Lake (2009
  • Frog, Reptile & Bat Survey, Identification & Management Training Course NSW Forestry, Kioloa (2008)
  • Habitat Requirements and Conservation Management of Frogs in Australia (2014)
  • Endangered Snail Workshop (2013)