Bushfire planning

Bushfire planning

Our highly trained and experienced bushfire planners provide advice and solutions for a wide variety of bushfire services. These services range from building projects to strategic bushfire planning and hazard reduction advice for land managers.bushfire
Travers bushfire & ecology provide the following bushfire related services:

  • Bushfire risk management planning
  • Bushfire behaviour modelling
  • Bushfire hazard and risk assessments
  • AS3959 construction review
  • Fuel sampling and management
  • Asset protection management
  • Due diligence assessments
  • Expert site assessment and solutions
  • Cross-sectional analysis
  • Slope modelling
  • Fuel management planning
  • Specialist bushfire modelling and alternative solutions
  • Fire management planning
  • Evacuation planning
  • Bushfire protection assessments
  • Bushfire risk assessment certification (BRAC) assessments
  • Bushfire attack level (BAL) assessments

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Travers bushfire & ecology specialise in the management of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, from the complexity of bushfire management to the vast interactions of plant and animal communities. Our environmental consultants are highly trained and work towards outcomes of bushfire safety and biodiversity.