4 Reasons Koalas are declining in Australia

You may have wondered why Koala Assessment Reports, or a Biodiversity Development Assessment Report is necessary for your land or development.A lot of Koala habitat has already been lost and fragmented across NSW. The bushfires from 2019 – 2020 magnified this loss as well as making headlines across the world with donations pouring into Koala […]

Grey Kangaroo are still “beautiful!”

On a recent trip up the east of NSW, Geoff came across a mob of Eastern Grey Kangaroos. One of the most iconic mammals of Australia, Geoff explains, that while native to Australia, what has led the humble Eastern Grey Kangaroo to plaque proportions. But gee “They are beautiful aren’t they!” Related Posts back to […]

What? Koala Joey’s Eat Their Mums Poo!

The Koala Hospital Port Macquarie is an instrumental part of the rescue and rehabilitation of Australia’s most iconic and loved animal for nearly 50 years. Travers bushfire & ecology  Fauna ecologist, Geoff asks Gaby of the Koala Hospital the hard questions including why Koala joeys eat their mums poo! This is a different look at Koala’s that […]

The A-Team of conservation

Meet the A-Team – Becky, Emma & Cooper are sniffing out Koalas ….in the name of conservation. Steve Austin (https://www.steveaustindogtrainer.com/) is a dog behaviourist and trainer. He realised his talent back when he trained his own dog to entertain the crowds outside the pub at just 13 years old. Now, he travels the world with […]

How do you record Microbat calls that are not audible by humans?

Surveying for mircobats can be tricky especially since as they are small, hard to see and their calls are inaudible to the human ear. Lachlan “The Bat Man” McRae, talks about how he records the ultrasonic pulses (or calls) of microbats and how he can distinguish between microbat species. Travers bushfire & ecology record microbats […]

Endangered Freshwater Wetlands on Coastal Floodplains under the BC Act

by Lindsay Holmes BOTANIST Freshwater Wetlands on Coastal Floodplains is an endangered ecological community (EEC) under the Biodiversity Conservation Act, 2016 which was first gazetted in 2004. This EEC can occur anywhere in the coastal zone from the QLD border to the VIC border, associated with floodplains, alluvial flats, lagoons, lakes, landscape depressions and in […]

Guideline for the relocation of Large Tree Hollows

Central Coast Council and Greater Sydney Local Land Services provided funding for the preparation of guidelines for relocating large tree hollows based on Travers bushfire & ecology’s practical experience…