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Do you have questions about how much our services cost? What is a biodiversity offset? Do you need to find out about laws that may affect your DA application? On this page you ask and we answer.  

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You may have wondered why Koala Assessment Reports, or a Biodiversity Development Assessment Report is necessary for your land or development.A lot of Koala habitat…


On a recent trip up the east of NSW, Geoff came across a mob of Eastern Grey Kangaroos.One of the most iconic mammals of Australia,…


The Koala Hospital Port Macquarie is an instrumental part of the rescue and rehabilitation of Australia’s most iconic and loved animal for nearly 50 years.Travers bushfire &…


Meet the A-Team - Becky, Emma & Cooper are sniffing out Koalas ….in the name of conservation.Steve Austin (https://www.steveaustindogtrainer.com/) is a dog behaviourist and trainer.…


Surveying for mircobats can be tricky especially since as they are small, hard to see and their calls are inaudible to the human ear. Lachlan…


by Lindsay Holmes BOTANIST Freshwater Wetlands on Coastal Floodplains is an endangered ecological community (EEC) under the Biodiversity Conservation Act, 2016 which was first gazetted…


by Heath FitzsimmonsBUSHFIRE MANAGEMENT OFFICER When considering the bushfire risk faced by a home it is most important to consider three major methods of bushfire…


Travers bushfire & ecology extend an invitation to provide value for money, high quality, desktop bushfire assessment services.

Our experienced BPAD accredited bushfire team...


Central Coast Council and Greater Sydney Local Land Services provided funding for the preparation of guidelines for relocating large tree hollows based on Travers bushfire & ecology’s practical experience...

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